Friday, January 15, 2016

Parachuting Blankets

Last night I was putting Eliza to bed.  We take turns Shawn and I, and as Eliza says it was "Mommy Night." I was exhausted and had a headache and was trying to rush through the process.  We brushed teeth, read stories in the big red chair, and it was finally time to tuck her in. She climbed up on her bed and I draped blanket after blanket on top of her.  That girl loves lots of blankets, but when I check on her later she's always on top of all of them and sweaty.  I got to the final blanket, a nice lightweight one she calls "flower blanket" and I lifted it up in the sky and let it parachute down on her over and over again.  Her face was filled with pure glee and I thought "I hope this is what she remembers of this day. I hope this is her first childhood memory when she is older." I want her to remember that her mommy took time to parachute a blanket over and over, that I let her climb on my lap to watch Adele music videos on my laptop.  Not that I was tired and achey and short tempered yesterday.