Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who Is Annie Walker?

On November 20, 2010 Annie Harrell married Shawn Walker.  I knew who I was as Annie Harrell, I understood myself.  But on November 20, by marrying a wonderful man, suddenly everything felt different.  Going from a “me” to a “we” really is a different experience.  I had to learn to account for Shawn’s opinion, to think of him first.  It’s completely worthwhile and wonderful transition, but it is still a transition.

Shawn and I were traditional with our dating and marriage plans.  We both knew what we wanted and who we were, so once we found each other everything went quickly and smoothly.  We were engaged after seven months of dating and married just three months later.  Because our views on marriage are very traditional we did not live together first.  Learning to live together has definitely been a change for both of us.  We’re independent people, used to doing things a certain way.  Shawn has owned his home and lived alone for a long time so not only did he have to learn to live with a girl, but he had to learn to live with someone else too.  I have had roommates all of my adult life, but I had to learn to live with a boy.  And living with roommates is very different than living with a husband.  My motivation for doing things around the house is different with Shawn than it was with roommates.  Sharing a bedroom is an adjustment.  Sharing a bed is an adjustment!  But, I would not have it any other way.

Living together has not been the only transition I have had after getting married.  Changing my name, letting Shawn drive my car, giving him access to my bank account, these have all been challenges we have had to take on together.  I am no longer Annie Harrell.  I am Annie Walker now, but who is Annie Walker?  That’s what I am here to discover.  I’m becoming Annie Walker.

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