Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Not my kitchen, but we do have a lovely bay window.
Do you read Design Mom?  I started reading her blog when she was getting ready to move with her kids to France.  It's a dream of ours to move to another country (preferably Europe) for a year or two.  I was fascinated by her descriptions of what was different in France, particularly how school was different for her kids.  What I really like about Design Mom is the variety of topics covered on her blog.  Sometimes it's book reviews, sometimes it's about clothing in Sweden.  Today's post on Window Treatments got me thinking.  Strange that such a simple topic, why did it strike such a chord?  When I was growing up I decided when I had a house I would always keep the windows uncovered.  I loved taking walks with my family and peeking in windows.  We're not talking about stalker peeking in windows, just wondering past houses, and wondering about the people who lived in them.  We had a big picture window in our living room, and I think it was usually left open to let the light in, but we had sheer curtains too, maybe those stayed closed most of the time.

Now, here I am in my own house, home all day and my windows stay covered.  I wish I could uncover my windows and let the light in all day long.  But I have a problem, a dog, who likes to bark.  He barks at everyone who drives by or walks by or even thinks about our house.  So if the windows were uncovered he would stand by them and bark. All. Day. Long.  And so our windows stay covered and I sit in a dark house.  Maybe one day I'll be brave, and open all the windows and just let the dog bark to his heart's content.  Except when the baby is sleeping.

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