Sunday, November 16, 2014

Twin Momma fear

When I was in third or fourth grade there was this book that was the "popular" book that every third grade girl wanted to read. It was about a girl whose mom and step dad had twin girls. I'm sure the book was about how the girl felt left out and abandoned by her parents now that there were two babies. I just remember one scene very vividly. The girl was watching her sisters for her mom and was so mad that she decided to switch the clothes the babies were wearing, because baby A always wore yellow and baby B always wore green. Then she immediately regretted it and tried to put them back in the right outfits and but couldn't tell them apart anymore and didn't know who belonged in what color. She went to her mom and confessed what happened and her mom said it was ok. She could tell the twins apart because twin A had a cowlick and twin B had a beauty mark and it was all ok.

This is my biggest twin mommy fear! That the twins will be home and next to each other and I won't be able to tell them apart! They won't have any labels on their legs telling me which one is twin a and which is twin b! (Fun NICU fact, the girls are too small for wrist bands most babies get so they taped labels to their backs and legs.) I'll look at Abby and think, oh her forehead is bigger, and then I look at Katie and think no, they're the same. I'll look at Katie and be sure her face is longer until I look at Abby. All the nurses ask if they are identical, (they aren't) and remark how much they look alike. I already plan to paint their toe nails to help us tell them apart. But as their Momma I feel like I shouldn't depend on that to tell them apart. I am just hoping when we get them home and together that a magic spell will be cast and I'll know who is who. 

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