Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Where We Stand

Hi Blog,

It's been a while.  So, this is where we stand.  Eliza is adorable and adventurous and so perfectly a toddler.  As of this moment she is in her crib where she is supposed to be napping, but she's not. Instead, she's kicking the wall behind her crib over and over.  It sounds pretty bad from out here, like something huge just fell.  But it makes me smile. And I'm supposed to be showering, nap time is the only chance I have for a shower. Eliza is curious and talkative. This morning there were patches of sunlight on the kitchen floor and she was amazed at them. She kept going from patch to patch and leaning down to inspect them and touch them and then go to the next one. Eliza loves Scooter. She loves to pat him and hug him and rest her head on him. Scooter tolerates it, but when I can see he's had enough I try to separate them before he gets impatient with her. Lately when he comes into whatever room we're in she squeals and runs as if to hide from him.

Eliza loves the Christmas Tree that we put up over the weekend.  So far she's just pointed to the ornaments, she hasn't really taken them off the tree yet. She's really delighted with the Little People Nativity we got this year.  She plays with it every day.  She'll bring me Baby Jesus and then give him a kiss before she hands him to me to kiss.  She loves the angel on top that sings songs, but also likes putting the pig on top of the stable. I frequently find other "little people" in the Nativity too, Mickey Mouse is a frequent visitor. Eliza loves to try to help Momma with whatever I'm doing, if it's putting ornaments on the tree or putting things in the trash can.  The other day I had a cold and she handed me a tissue to wipe my nose.  Then she took the tissue from me and ran and threw it away. She still loves shoes and is great at getting dressed.

Eliza is scared of Grandpa Hurdsman and needs a few minutes around large groups of people, but soon she is walking from person to person asking to be picked up, held, or to eat some of whatever treat they have. She says "Momma" and "Dada" regularly now and frequently together "Mommadada." She also says, light, down, go, ball, and NO! She says "bapa" which generally refers to a grandparent. She loves Sesame Street and Signing Time. She loves to read books and carry her Jessie doll around. She likes to empty drawers and boxes and baskets. She loves to help with laundry by unfolding whatever I just folded and throwing it on the ground. She loves my pajama drawer and the drawer that holds my workout clothes and I'll frequently find my sports bras strewn about the house. She likes to wear Momma's clothes and Dada's shoes.

Shawn is working hard as an Assistant Principal at an Elementary School.  He comes home exhausted and full of stories, but he loves it. He is so committed to education and I admire him for his hard work and dedication.

I am constantly figuring out how to be a Stay At Home Momma.  Every time I think I have the gig figured out something changes and I feel like I have to start at the beginning again. I've had another cold which has knocked me down again. There's nothing like having to take care of a baby to make it impossible to get over a cold. I'm constantly trying to figure out how to take care of Eliza AND clean my house AND make dinner AND take care of myself.  Usually I only accomplish two at a time.

Well, that's where we are lately. And it sounds like my plan to put Eliza down and have her fall asleep on her own isn't going to work, so I had better jump in that shower before it's too late.


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