Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Plan, For Now

All I know about how my Mom met my Dad is that they were set up by a couple of friends. And all I know about how my Dad proposed to my Mom is that it happened in Memory Grove. I don't know much about how they fell in love or even my birth story. I remember asking my Mom about love once and she didn't really remember the details of how she fell in love with Dad.  She couldn't really answer my questions about their first kiss. I think part of this is my Mom's personality. She's not the story teller in the family, that's my Dad or my Grandma. And part of this is just life.  I think you forget what it's like to be young and in love. You forget what it's like to be a teenager when stories of first kisses and proposals and falling in love are all so magical. And I'm sure when I've been married to Shawn for 20 years and Eliza comes and asks me about how we met and fell in love and got married I'll say something like "We met online, we dated for 7 months before he asked me to marry him and we were married 3 months later." All very unsatisfactory when you are trying to sort out love and romance yourself. So, for my future children and grandchildren, and also because there's a romantic inside of me who loves real stories of how people met, I'm going to try to write it all down. How we met, how Shawn proposed, how I knew I was in love with him. Maybe some other stories, like when Eliza was born, or about dating other people. So, maybe this here blog of mine will become a little more journal-like but that's what's in my head that wants to get out. And if you are interested in reading other types of things that I've written about, let me know in the comments. It's easier to write when you think someone is interested in what you are writing.

And while we're on the subject, I'm curious who reads this blog. Do I know you? Are we friends? Are you just a lurker who likes to read my blog but doesn't know me? Do you mind leaving me a comment just so I can get a sense of who you are? Or if you don't want to reveal yourself I've posted a little poll off to the right, you can answer that and remain anonymous. Sure, it means if you're reading this on a reader you'll have to click through, but would you? Pretty, pretty please? Thanks!

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