Thursday, May 17, 2012

Big, Bold and Beautiful?

I'm well into my third trimester of pregnancy and I'm at the point where I'm starting to grow out of even my maternity clothes.  My favorite black work pants and the comfortable maternity jeans no longer fit.  So, I'm feeling big and with only about 6 weeks to go I don't want to spend money on any new clothes.  I did read on a fashion blog that in your third trimester you should concentrate on accessories.  So, a few weeks ago I took myself off to Target to see if I could find any cheap accessories that would be bold enough to make me feel different yet not so bold I feel like I'm pushing too much, uncomfortable.  And do you know what I came away with?  Well, two pairs of earrings sat in my cart for a while as I did the rest of my shopping and then were returned to the shelf as I thought things like "what will I wear them with?" and "I can't pull these off!" I did keep a cute beaded headband that I love to wear.  And here it is two weeks later, I'm feeling less and less confident in my clothes, and I still don't have any cute accessories.  I just don't know how to do it!  Any advice for how to accessorize?  Should I worry about if things "go" together or just find pieces I love? Where do you buy accessories?  I don't want to spend a lot of money only to discover I'm not bold enough to wear something, so I thought if I start with Target or Forever 21 I can branch out to more expensive pieces when I've built up my confidence.  Help!


  1. Just wear pieces you love! I find that if I buy a piece I truly love (Rather than settling), I keep finding things in my closet to wear it with - I recently bought an awesome (and enormous) brass and bead necklace I think I wore three different days last week. Admittedly though, I preferred stacked bracelets and big earrings when I was pregnant. Your beaded headband sounds cute - I'm sure you can pull it off!

  2. i have absolutely no good advice, but i will say this: i totally hear you. these last few weeks are horrible--you don't feel like you fit into your skin, much less your clothes!