Monday, May 7, 2012

Shaving. . . while pregnant

As well as being long, hard and tiring, pregnancy has some truly funny moments.  I'm so much better at complaining about not feeling good than I am at remembering or documenting the funny or good things, so here's a funny pregnancy moment.

Yesterday morning I decided to do the ultimate girly thing and shave my legs.  Under "normal" circumstances shaving legs is not such a big deal, but as I get bigger and as moving gets more difficult, normal things like painting toe nails and shaving legs become "big deals."  I feel frumpy so much I want to feel sexy and beautiful and put together when I can.  And for the first time in YEARS I nicked myself while shaving.  Not one of those little nicks that you forget until you put on lotion and then forget again until the next morning.  This was one of those nicks on the ankle bone that would NOT STOP BLEEDING.  I do my best over and over again to stop the bleeding, but then every time I put my foot on the ground the blood welled up again.  And since my balance now includes balancing a watermelon, two feet on the ground is a necessity.  All I need is a little bandaid so I can keep getting ready.  But unfortunately the bandaids are in the guest bathroom, down the hall, near the living room, where my husband is meeting with two other men from our church.  At this moment I seriously debated whether I could do the naked dash to the guest bath without being seen, and decided no, it was not possible.  The next debate was about a robe vs. fully dressed, and the image of me with my watermelon sized belly dashing down the hall in a robe that may or may not close at the front was not one I wanted to share with these men, so fully dressed it was.Which then turned into the comedy of trying to get dressed while simultaneously trying to NOT get blood on any of my clothes, and balance my ever changing body on one leg.  I'm finally dressed, I've succeeded in not staining the carpet or my clothes (not as much can be said about my towel), I wipe the continuing flow of blood from my ankle and start my waddle to the bathroom when I notice that the living room is dark and my husband is asleep on the couch.  ASLEEP!  After all of this effort to get dressed and I could have waddled out in my birthday suit!  Oh well.  That might just be the last time my legs get shaved until July when I no longer have to worry about the watermelon sized belly.  But I'm definitely lobbying for a pedicure since I can no longer see my toes let alone cut my toe nails. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! You poor sweet thing! I shouldn't be laughing, but it's funny! Thanks for sharing ;)