Monday, May 28, 2012

Grateful. . .

Today I am grateful. . .

. . . for a body that is healthy and strong enough to carry a baby.
. . . that it was easy for Shawn and I to get pregnant.  We were so worried that it would be hard, and I'm so grateful it wasn't.
. . . that pregnancy is nine months long, giving me enough time to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually.  (I have 4+ weeks to go, and while I'm prepared spiritually, and almost mentally, the physically part is still a work in progress!)
. . . for a husband who has supported me in every way, has lifted my spirits, taken care of me, loved me, and listened to my concerns both valid and irrational.  In every ways I couldn't do this without him.
. . . for family and friends who have shared in our excitement and joy.
. . . for a generous friend and sister-in-law who have kept me in clothing during my pregnancy, even down to a maternity swim suit.
. . . for modern medicine that allows me to see my baby at 20 weeks and lets me listen to her heartbeat.  That's my favorite part of every appointment, hearing her heartbeat calms any fears I may have.
. . . for a loving Heavenly Father who is trusting me with one of His children to raise on this earth.  I may not have any idea yet what it means to be a mother, and I may not truly understand for years to come, but I am grateful to get the opportunity to find out.

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