Tuesday, February 14, 2012

40 Things. . .

I think being pregnant and finding out we're having a girl has made me particularly mushy this Valentine's Day. 

When Shawn and I were dating he celebrated his 40th birthday and I wrote him an email with 40 things I loved about him.  It started out easy, then around 20 it got hard, and then around 40 I didn't want to stop.  I realized as I was composing the email that I wanted Shawn to be in my life forever and always and that I wanted to marry this man!  Somewhere around this time Shawn realized the same thing about me because it was on his 40th birthday he showed his parents the ring he had picked out for me and told them he was going to propose!

In honor of this Valentine's Day, and in honor of the overflowing love I feel for the man who is going to be a Daddy to our little girl, here's the email of 40 thing I love about my Shawn.

Happy Birthday Mr. Walker! 
To celebrate this wonderful occaision, this day when the world went from being without Shawn Walker to being with Shawn Walker I'd like to give you 40 thing I love about you:
  1. I love how patient you are
  2. I love that you support me
  3. I love that you are committed to making our relationship work
  4. I love that you make me laugh
  5. I love how much your family adores you
  6. I love that you had your nieces and nephews over for a sleepover!
  7. I love that you always hold my hand
  8. I love that you love to play games
  9. I love that you wanted me to meet your family (even if it freaked me out)
  10. I love how happy Scooter makes you
  11. I love that you are always willing to do what I ask you wether it be going to a family party or changing a tall lightbulb. 
  12. I love how you take care of me
  13. I love that you own a home.
  14. I love that you let me plant flowers in your yard.
  15. I love that you push me to try new things (like riding a motorcycle!)
  16. I love that the first time we talked on the phone you told me you wanted a Mini Cooper. 
  17. I love that when you make fun of me I know you are doing it because you love me. 
  18. I love that you have a pool. 
  19. I love that you want to listen to me talk about girlie things. (Or are willing to listen?)
  20. I love your bald head.  :)
  21. I love how I feel when I am with you
  22. I love that you make bread from scratch
  23. I love cooking with you
  24. I love that I feel comfortable talking about the gospel with you
  25. I love that you played Pretty Pretty Princess with Maya
  26. I love that you have goals and ambitions for the future
  27. I love that you like to travel
  28. I love that when you are telling me something serious or important that you get quiet
  29. I love going on drives with you
  30. I love that you take interest in my roommates
  31. I love that we have the same values
  32. I love that you take your home teaching seriously
  33. I love watching you with your nieces and nephews
  34. I love that you know so much about things I know so little about
  35. I love that you are willing to go to the ballet with me
  36. I love spending time with you no matter what we do
  37. I love that you encourage me, wether it's working out or finding a new job
  38. I LOVED it when you took me to the airport
  39. I love getting emails and text messages from you in the middle of the day.
  40. I LOVE YOU!


  1. Number 35 is a definite MUST!!!!

    Verrrrry sweet... I loved reading this... :D

  2. This made me cry. I'm SO happy you are so happy! Definitely one of the sweetest things I've read on a blog in a while. Shawn is a very very lucky man! love you annie! xoxo