Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Best Pedicure

For Christmas my lovely Shawn gave me a gift certificate to get a pedicure.  At Walmart.  Now, I know what you are thinking, and I was thinking the same thing, WALMART?  Seriously?  As excited as I was to get a pedicure, again, Walmart?  Would I even get a decent nail polish job let alone a relaxing pedicure?  Shawn looked around and tried to find another spot, but where we live there aren't a lot of options nearby, so Walmart it was.  And he gets major bonus points for knowing that I would really really want a pedicure.

Around Christmas I wasn't feeling exactly human and was still in the midst of the terrible, horrible morning sickness, so I put off getting a pedicure.  And then when I started to feel better life got busier.  So, finally this past weekend when Shawn was painting the nursery, and I couldn't help and needed to get away from the fumes I finally took a break to head to Walmart for a pedicure.  And I have to tell you, I will admit it right here, I was WRONG!  The pedicure was AWESOME!  Honestly, it might just have been the best pedicure I have ever had.

I walked in and was told that they were busy right then but I could sit and soak my feet for 20 minutes.  I liked that option, so I picked a pretty spring blue and took a seat in a nice massage chair and soaked my feet.  My only complaint of the entire experience was that they didn't have any magazines to read, but luckily I had my iPhone and caught up on Drawsomething and Hanging with Friends, and just when I was done playing with my phone it was my turn!

My nail technician didn't really speak any english, but I know the drill, when they tap your foot take it out of the water, so we got along just fine.  It just reminded me of getting a leg massage in China and not being able to communicate with the massage therapist. But that's a story for another day.  The best way to describe this pedicure is to say that my technician was efficient.  He didn't mess around.  He got me in and out, but again, I have to say, it was awesome.  He was thorough, he knew what he was doing, and it felt great.  My 5 minute leg massage was perfect, and my feet felt wonderful!  Someone else came over to do the actual painting of my toes and then left and I didn't know how long I was supposed to wait.  Eventually I decided it was time and the saw me making a move and came rushing over.  He said "no move feet" and then slipped my flip flops on my feet in a way that made it look like a magic trick!

For $25 plus a tip it was so much better than any of the "deluxe" pedicures at the fancy salons downtown.  So, next time you need a pedicure, give Walmart a try!  It's been five days and my nails are still perfect, again better than some of the fancy salons I've been to.

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