Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Best Cookie Ever

A letter to my favorite cookie company, Selmas.

Dear Selmas,

I love and adore your cookies.  I make trips to Disney parks just to eat your cookies.  OK, that might be an exaggeration since I don't live near a Disney park, but finding a Chocolate Chip Supreme cookie is one of the first things I do when I get there.  I've gotten other people as addicted to your cookies as I am.  I was browsing your website today and discovered that you also sell your cookies in Las Vegas Casinos, and it just so happens that I'm headed to Vegas next week!  Imagine my delight at thinking I can have a Selmas cookie without having to go to a theme park!  Can you tell me what casinos you are in so I can have my dream fulfilled?  (Also, are you by chance in any coffee shops or stores in the Salt Lake City area?)


A Devoted Fan,


Yes, friends that is how much I love Selmas Cookies.  I first became acquainted with Selmas when I worked in Walt Disney World.  I scoured all four theme parks and several of the hotels and could tell you every store they were sold in.  I did make special trips when I worked for Disney for these cookies, and whenever I came home I brought at least one to every family member.  When I moved back to Salt Lake I was so obsessed with these cookies that my bosses at my new job bought me a box of a dozen for my birthday.  It probably took me six months to get through the box because one cookies can seriously be three or four servings, they are just that good.  Needless to say, every time I go to a Disney Theme Park I DO make it a priority to get a Selmas cookie. They're harder to find now, they're not in every park, and they are also sold under the Disney brand, but make not mistake, it's a Selmas cookie.  It's been to long since I was in Walt Disney World, but in Disneyland you can only find them on Main Street in the Confectioners Shop.  They're sold individually packaged, and they truly are the BEST COOKIE EVER.  So, wish me luck on my quest in Las Vegas to find my favorite cookies.  And maybe wish Shawn some patience in case we have to visit more than one casino to find them.


  1. prepare yourself for a shock: in all my disney trips, i have never once tried one of these. i'll have to remedy that this summer.

    1. Nicole. Nicole! OK, you HAVE to try this cookie at Disneyland this year. I am sending you an email to tell you where to get them. STAT!