Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Debating Resolutions

Do you make New Years Resolutions?  I don't always make resolutions.  And sometimes when I make them I just know that I'm not going to keep them, so I only do it half-heartedly.  One year in high school I made a resolution to not eat candy for an entire year.  And I actually made it!

This year I'm debating some resolutions, and maybe I'm just resolving to do better?  I want to take better care of myself.  To me that means taking better care of my skin, taking better care of my teeth, and moving more.  Part of me would love to make resolution to work out, but I know that in order to really make that happen I need to truly commit, and right now, this year, I'm not ready to commit I guess.  I want to be more focused on Eliza.  I don't want to get distracted by facebook and the internet when I am with her.  I want to do something unique with her every day, maybe read books, or find a way to play together every day.  I want to record our life this year. I want to write down what life is like with her in this first year.  I want to record her firsts. Maybe I'll do that on the blog, maybe I'll write in a journal, maybe I'll take pictures.

Sometimes I have grand ideas about blogging more.  Part of me thought "I'll blog every day in January and since it's just one month it will be easy."  But here it is the second of January and I've already missed a day.  Oh well.

What about you?  Do you have New Years Resolutions?  Or New Years ideas? What do you want to change, fix, do better?


  1. I have a couple resolutions this year. One is to make my bed every morning. The other is to be on time for work every day. The past couple years I've been real lazy with that. I don't know why.

    Other ideas: Be nicer, build more muscle :) watch less tv, check my phone less.

  2. I want to work on being more patient and less judgmental -- both toward myself and towards others -- this year. Big flaws of mine and I know it, and I'm hoping maybe I can be better about them by year's end. We'll see.