Monday, January 28, 2013

Lady Edith or Lady Mary?

Let's discuss last night's episode of Downton Abbey, shall we?  Oh, you haven't watched it yet?  Ok, well, get on that, it's a good one.  And by good I mean heart wrenching. Ugh. So, we won't discuss the show, but there's one aspect, one small scene I want to discuss.  I won't give away what happens in the show, but Lady Edith says to Lady Mary, basically, "Can we finally be friends?" And Lady Mary responds, "Oh, I doubt it." And that's when I realized that I am a Lady Edith.  Probably not completely.  I didn't get left at the altar.  And she's certainly done some horrible things to Lady Mary. But I am definitely the type of person who wants to mend disagreements and try to be friends again.  Sometimes long past the friendship expiration date.  I can think of a couple of specific instances in college where I hung on to friendships long after the other party had moved on, and one job I should have left but stayed more because I mistakenly thought more of the friends I had there than the horrible working conditions I was under.

I think there's some value in being a Lady Edith.  I value my friendships and work to maintain them.  But I think there's some value in being a Lady Mary too.  She lets things go when they need to, and is realistic about wether or not a friendship is going to work.

Now we could also say something about the fact that they are family, not just friends.  I do think that family relationships deserve the work required.  Lady Edith and Lady Mary should both put aside their differences and work on becoming friends as well as sisters, but I don't see that happening.  And if they were nice to each other would that change the dynamic of Downton Abbey too much?

OK, so who are you?  Are you a Lady Edith who hangs on to friendships too long or a Lady Mary who moves on too easily?

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